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Sacred Creativity: Shamanic dreaming

With Kai Altair
Hosted by Susan Audrey

Join musician and shamanic practitioner, Kai Altair, as she explores shamanic techniques to connect with your source of divine creativity. Working with ancient tools brought into modern times by Robert Moss'sSchool of Active Dreaming, Kai will help you awaken your communication with the powers that speak to you in dreams. Using personal ritual and practices for inspired creation, you can bring about a healthier, more inspired, and more connected world through your art.

During this exquisite session, you'll disover:

  • Techniques for dream recall & dream journaling
  • How to develop creative ideas from dreams & daily synchronicities
  • Ways to create personal rituals for inspired performance & artistic expression
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Kai Altair

Musician & Shamanic Practitioner

Kai Altair’s music is composed of deep bass exploration, vocal dreamscapes, and rhythms rooted in modern global migrations. She is a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Dementia Practitioner, Meditation Instructor, and Tarot Consultant. Kai is also a teacher in Robert Moss's School of Active Dreaming -- an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism.

Her experience combines over a decade of service to the elderly in nursing and rehab facilities, with work in communities of young entertainers and festival goers around the globe. She creates a gentle, compassionate, and playful environment for personal growth and healing, and loves to journey with people exploring inner realms of spirit.

Kai is currently recording a follow up album to her 2016 debut Dreamwalker. She is co-producing the latest collection of ‘sacred bass’ with Sub Swara’s Haj i Ji & Dave Sharma. The album continues her style of vocally driven adventures in time travel, other worlds, imaginal languages, and the process of transformation. Kai Altair’s intention is to inspire connection to the multiverse, imagination, universal life force energy, helping spirits, and to create an elevated state on the dance floor.