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With Tina Stromsted, PhD
Hosted by Susan Audrey

Join Tina Stromsted, Jungian analyst, board certified dance/movement therapist, and somatics educator, as she sheds light on DreamDancing®, which she developed in the 1980s. She'll show how this modality integrates verbal dream sharing with embodied methods, including Authentic Movement, structured movement explorations, somatic awareness, vocal work, drawing and writing. Tina will explore what DreamDancing® is, how it was developed, and the benefits of this integrative, somatic approach for psychotherapists, spiritual and healing practitioners, clients, students, artists, and social activists.

During this powerful session, you'll discover:

  • An introduction to an integrative, embodied approach to dreamwork called DreamDancing®
  • How DreamDancing® can enrich your personal, creative & professional life
  • Ways to use dreams and messages from your body as a compass for guiding your life
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Tina Stromsted, PhD

Jungian Analyst, Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, Somatics Educator

Tina Stromsted, Ph.D., MFT, LPCC, BC-DMT is a Jungian psychoanalyst, Board Certified Dance therapist, Somatic psychotherapist, and international teacher leading groups in Europe, Asia, South America, South Africa, the United States and Canada. She is past co-founder and faculty of the Authentic Movement Institute in Berkeley, California and a founding faculty member of the Women’s Spirituality program at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Currently she teaches at the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, in the Depth Psychology/Somatics Doctoral program at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, and is a core faculty member for the Marion Woodman Foundation.

Tina is the founding director of the Soul's Body Center, integrating Jungian Depth work, Somatics, and creative arts psychotherapies. Her work includes Authentic Movement, DreamDancing®, Embodied Alchemy®, and BodySoul® work. With roots in theater and dance and 40 years of clinical experience, her articles and chapters explore the integration of body, brain, psyche and soul in healing and transformation. Her private analytic/somatic practice and consultation are in San Francisco. Tina’s passion is in engaging creative methods for healing and growth, reclaiming body wisdom, in-dwelling with nature, and living a life of soul.