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Archetypal Dreamwork as “Healing Theatre” and Inner Guidance

With Grace Cheptu
Hosted by Susan Audrey

Have you had a jarring dream that left an indelible imprint on you and made you feel that there’s something more for you to know? Such dreams arise from the archetypal realm, your inner mystic connected to the Most High and the collective unconscious of all humanity. Join Grace Cheptu, archetypal dreamwork practitioner, spiritual guide, and songwriter, as she shares about personal journey. She'll offer a taste of the wonderful banquet that awaits when you follow your dreams’ lead to celebrate your gifts, face your foibles and blind spots without judgment, and step into your passion-filled life!

During this compelling session, you'll discover:

  • The importance of following the leading of your dreams for personal growth & transformation
  • How to develop self-compassion and a non-judgmental presence when you look at shadow material & disturbing images in your dreams
  • Methods for accessing additional information while working with a trained analyst in archetypal dreamwork
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Grace Cheptu

Archetypal Dreamwork Practitioner, Spiritual Guide, Songwriter

Grace Cheptu is a spiritual guide and practitioner who utilizes Archetypal Dreamwork as a form of inner direction and “healing theatre” for the soul. An intuitive and empathic healer, Cheptu was drawn to dream work from the fields of Music Education and Music Therapy in which she practiced more than three decades. While serving developmentally disabled children and adults under psychiatric care, Cheptu began to discover the gift of connecting with and assisting others through their stories, fears, hopes and dreams. She went on to obtain her Master of Divinity in Pastoral Care, Certificate programs for Clinical Pastoral Education and Spiritual Guidance; yet, nothing made more profound impact than her personal journey through dreamwork. 

Cheptu passionately believes in the Divine imprint we all carry that is always nudging us towards greater self-discovery, individuation, and capacities far beyond what the ego alone can know or experience. She imagines herself as a dreamwork “doula” who builds and holds safe and sacred space, provides guidance, emotional and informational support as her clients explore the territory of their dreams and work through their quagmires, and act upon what is revealed so that they may have a more balanced perspective of self and live more authentically, more fully, more alive.

A daughter of the Gullah South Carolina Lowcountry, a world traveler and perpetual student, Cheptu shares her experiential learning and indigenous wisdom from the many cultures that have generously enriched her life. Cheptu also enjoys perennial gardening, spending time with her adult son, and writing music inspired by her dreams. Cheptu is available for conferences, one-to-one spiritual partnering, workshops, retreats and small group classes.