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Dreaming Awake: Shamanic dreaming in the 21st century

With Manda Scott MA BVMS MRCVS
Hosted by Susan Audrey

Join novelist and shamanic dreamer Manda Scott as she focuses on how we can connect to the Indigenous gods, guides, and spirits of our own lands to ask the core defining questions and to hear authentic answers... which we can put into practice.

During this important session, you'll discover:

  • How shamanic dreaming works in the 21st century
  • Ways to connect to the gods, guides & spirits of your land 
  • What questions to ask of them, and how to hear authentic answers — & then apply them to everyday life
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Novelist and Shamanic dreamer

Formerly a veterinary surgeon specialising in racehorse practice, Manda Scott is now a best-selling novelist whose Boudica: Dreaming series has been translated into over twenty languages. Her books grew out of her own shamanic practice, a thirty year quest to connect with the old gods of Britainnia.  

Written over a six year period of intensive shamanic dreaming, the series provides a basic guide to the ways in which connections to the indigenous gods can help and guide our individual lives, and bring us to a place of integrity and authenticity of self. If we know who we are, we know who we can be. If we can live this in connection to the gods, we can change the world.  

Manda has taught the techniques of shamanic dreaming, healing and psychopomping for fifteen years, helping others to make authentic connections and find the groundedness, and inner integrity to change their lives.