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Exploring Dreams Through Theater Arts

Broadcast on October 16, 2020
Hosted by Kimberly R. Mascaro, PhD
With Dr. Angel Morgan, PhD

Theater Arts can help bridge dreams into theatrical form in playful, experiential workshops. With elements from Gestalt psychology, Psychodrama, and Improvisational Dream Theater, Dreambridge founder Angel Morgan, PhD, will discuss how dreamers cast, direct, and if they wish, act within their dream ‘scenes’ with Dr. Morgan's assistance. Learn when and how to creatively, intuitively rewrite and redirect parts of the dream ‘script’ in the service of insight, health, healing, and wholeness.

In This Session:

  • Explain how Gestalt psychology, Dream Psychodrama, and Improvisational Dream Theater can intersect to help dreamers find insight, health, healing, and wholeness
  • Differentiate between dramatized dreams that feel ripe for transformation, and dramatized dreams that do not seem to want or require any rewrites in the dream ‘script’
  • Understand how Dream Drama methods may be applied with theatrical and/or therapeutic groups
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Dr. Angel Morgan, PhD

President of International Association for the Study of Dreams

Dr. Angel Morgan, PhD, President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), is the Founder/Director of Dreambridge. She specializes in dreams, creativity, and the connection between the two (Dream-Arts). She has worked with adults, children, teens, and parents as a Dream-Arts educator since 1995. An interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker, she received her Ph.D. in Psychology after completing the Dream Studies and Creativity Studies programs at Saybrook University. Before that, she received an M.A. in Human Development from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, a B.A. in Theater, Film, and Television from UCLA, and is a graduate of the Idyllwild Arts Academy. Her first feature film was the documentary, Linked: The Dream-Creativity Connection.

A recipient of the William Fadiman writing award, she is widely published and has written many dream psychology articles ranging from Cambridge Journals to The Huffington Post. Her first book was The Alphabliss of Miss. In 2017, she won the Best Screenplay Award from The Buddha International Film Festival in India for a story filled with dreams, spiritual development, consciousness exploration, and humor. Dr. Morgan is a Global Ph.D. adjunct professor in the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University. Her most recent book is Dreamer’s Powerful Tiger: A New Lucid Dreaming Classic For Children and Parents of the 21st Century (now also an audiobook).

Dr. Angel Morgan, PhD