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Learning to Identify and Integrate Past Lives in Dreams

With Dr. Sabine Lucas, Ph.D, dipl. analytical psychology
Hosted by Susan Audrey

Join Dr. Sabine Lucas, a Jungian analyst in private practice, as she focuses on the identification of past life material in dreams and how to process the information. She provides specific methods for processing past life experience in dreams, which include connecting the feeling tone of the past life event to a similar one in your present life... and validating the past life material through historical background research.

During this evolutionary session, you'll discover:

  • Dr. Lucas' first discovery of past life dreams in the 70s
  • How she began her dreamwork with clients
  • Her surprise to experience a parallel life emerging in her dreams
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Dr. Sabine Lucas, Ph.D, dipl. analytical psychology

Jungian analyst in private practice

Sabine Lucas, was born and raised in Germany during the Second World War. In 1950 she was chosen by her high school in Bremen for a one year scholarship in Tuscon, Arizona, sponsored by the American Field Service in conjunction with the State Department. After graduating from high school she studied German and English, education and philosophy at the universities Frankfurt, Goettingen, and Heidelberg. In Heidelberg, she graduated magna cum laude with a doctorate in German literature in 1964.

In the same year Sabine accepted a lectorship in the German Department at Reading University in England. She also worked as a foreign Language consultant for BBC part time. She moved to Zurich to continue her studies at the C.G. Jung Institute. In order to finance her training she worked part time as a professional translator. She translated Seth Speaks and The Nature of Personal Reality by the bestselling American author and medium, Jane Roberts, into German and accepted the challenging task of translating Jung's correspondence, lectures, articles, and papers, originally written in English, for the German Collected Works edition. The translation of Seth Speaks opened the door to other learning and teaching opportunities for her.

Sabine became an active member in the Parapsychological Society of Switzerland and received invitations to give dream workshops and dream courses in Switzerland and Austria. Throughout her training analysis she was swamped with dreams which clearly contained past life memories. Since all things paranormal were blacklisted by the Jung Institute, despite Jung's own preoccupation with these subjects, she was forced to keep these dreams out of her training analysis. In 1987 Sabine graduated from the Jung Institute with a diploma in analytical psychology and a diploma thesis on The Native American Medicine Wheel as a Symbol of Psychic Wholeness.

After immigrating to the United States Sabine lived in Northern California for three years. During this time, she worked as a mental health counselor in mental health clinic and taught dream interpretation in the doctoral program of the California School of Professional Psychology in Fresno. In 1987 Sabine moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she established herself in private practice and was licensed as a Professional Mental Health Counselor.

When the past life material that had been flooding Sabine in her dreams also appeared in the dreams of some of my clients she knew it was time to draw attention to the phenomenon by writing a book on the subject. This book, which she first self published with IUniverse in 2005 under the title Bloodlines of the Soul: Karmic Patterns in Past Life Dreams appeared in a brand new edition with Bear and Company/Inner Traditions in 2008 under a different title Past Life Dreamwork: Healing the Soul Through Understanding Karmic Patterns. The book is now in its third printing.

To trace the first discovery of past life dreams back to Jung himself and his inner circle she undertook the daunting task of fashioning three anonymously filmed interviews with Jung's personal friend and disciple, the late Erlo van Waveren, into a documentary on Jung and reincarnation. It was completed in 2012, titled A Row of Tombs: Jung and Reincarnation and can now be viewed in its entirety on YouTube. The YouTube film had two antecedents: a trailer for the film, published in 2012, and an interview with Sabine on the integration of past lives, published a year later. She still lives and practices in Santa Fe in the company of her two well-behaved dogs.