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Welcome Message from Your Summit Host Susan Audrey

With Susan Audrey

Join summit host Susan Audrey and me for an inspiring exchange and introduction to the premiere Dreamwork Summit.

Susan reveals that at the root of her passion for dreamwork is the powerful process of making the invisible visible. She explains how, during dreamtime, your Psyche — or what some refer to as your Higher Self — takes the reins to allow what your soul really wants for you to come forward.

She shares how uncovering the vast wisdom of your soul during dreamtime is magical — helping you feel more empowered and connected to all that is in a deeper way. It’s also practical, providing information you need to know about yourself… body, mind, and soul, and guiding you toward the imaginative process of creating your most fulfilling life.

Susan describes some of the different kinds of dreamwork modalities you’ll discover during the summit, and introduces some of the extraordinary speakers you’ll be hearing from. And she provides inspiration on how you can best prepare to join The Dreamwork Summit and reap all the benefits that this extraordinary series can provide.

Susan Audrey

M.A., Dreamwork Guide, Writer & Artist

Susan Audrey is a dreamworker, writer, and artist. She holds a master’s degree in depth psychology and has trained with several renowned dreamwork and mindfulness teachers over the past 25 years. She leads dreamwork circles and provides one-on-one dreamwork guidance in the San Francisco Bay Area and online. She’s also a member of The Shift Network’s marketing team.

Susan’s art is inspired by her dreams and has been a powerful healing force in her life. Her astonishing precognitive dreams and a miraculous connection with the Black Madonna have made her a true believer in the power of dreaming to connect us with something greater than ourselves, deepen our trust in life, and grow our sense of belonging.