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The Dreamwork Wisdom Collection

The Dreamwork Wisdom Collection gives you the opportunity to receive lifetime access to:

Downloadable MP3 Recordings of EVERY session in The Dreamwork Summit series 

PDF Transcripts of each session – to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight & more!

PLUS Your Bonus Collection of 8 amazing gifts from some of our esteemed summit speakers and dreamwork experts — including Robert Moss’ COMPLETE Shift Network 7-session course, Dreaming into the Dreamtime! ($350 Value!)

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Discover Meaning, Healing & New Possibilities In Your Dreamwork ‘Tool Kit’

The centuries-old practice of dreamwork can help you unveil, understand, and bring to light whatever you need to know to heal your body, mind, and spirit, and live your most inspired life... and it's magical!

The Dreamwork Wisdom Collection can be incredibly beneficial for ALL...

You’ll discover a variety of practices that will help you remember, explore, and decipher your dreams — bringing your soul’s wisdom to the surface so you can better see yourself and the world around you, and confidently take the steps needed to transform your life for the better.

It’s a toolkit of resources that will show you how to use a variety of techniques and modalities — including journaling, art, Active Dreaming, focused intention, guided imagery, DreamDancing®, Dream Yoga, and much more — so you can reap the important insights and guidance your dreams — and soul — share with you each night.

And if you're already an avid dreamworker, you’ll discover new approaches to dreamwork and deepening your current practice. There are even tips for those of you who don’t remember your dreams!

PLUS you’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS these BONUSES when you UPGRADE!:

Dreaming into the Dreamtime: Tapping the Power of 7 World Traditions for Transformation

7-Module course by Robert Moss

This course offers an exciting opportunity to access your higher spiritual capacities and uncover a richer, deeper, more expansive life using advanced shamanic teachings and practices from 7 major world traditions — including the Iroquois, Aboriginal, Egyptian, Celtic, Greek, Vedic, and Jungian. Discover sources of guidance, healing, and transformation beyond the reaches of your everyday mind and bring them into your daily life as you embrace the vast potential of your dreamtime for learning, growing, and adventure.

101 Dream Interpretation Tips

Ebook by Jane Teresa Anderson

These dream interpretation tools and techniques are entertaining, easy to follow, and information-rich. You’ll find tips on:

  • How to remember your dreams
  • Why dream symbols are weird & how to understand them
  • Common dream themes we all share from time to time
  • The purpose of recurring dreams and how to understand them... & nightmares
  • Why dreams can evoke powerful emotions, and how these feelings relate to your life
  • Ways to interpret the settings or landscapes of your dreams
  • Whether dreams can predict or help with the future 
  • What it means when you dream about the past & how to understand those dreams
  • That dreams can give guidance & insight to help your make decisions in your waking life

And so many more!

Assembling Your Dream Council: A Guided Active Imagination

Audio recording from Dr. Stacey Shelby

In this guided active imagination, you'll discover a process for building a relationship with the archetypal presences of your dream life. Your personal dream council has wisdom and guidance beyond your current perspective; in fact, your council members will provide various perspectives and vantage points from which to consider current questions in your life. With their input, you're empowered to make choices for creating the life you were born to live.

Natural Dreamwork and the Poetic Imagination

Written guide by Rodger Kamenetz

More than 200 years ago, the Romantic poet Wordsworth discovered that he could find emotional healing through the contemplation of images in nature. He spoke of dwelling on such images to restore the "impaired imagination." Through Natural Dreamwork, we find the same power of healing in dream images. This essay provides clear examples of healing images from poetry and from dreams, and explores the value of a restored imagination in healing from anxiety, worry, and depression.

12 Key Questions to Help you Interpret your Death Dream

Ebook by Jane Teresa Anderson

Dreams of death, dying, and the departed can be scary... but, once understood, death dreams can be most insightful and liberating. Your death dreams are symbolic — they aren't related to actual past, present, or future deaths, but carry a lot of meaning about your own past, present, and future. Answer Jane Teresa’s 12 questions designed to help you interpret your death dream and lead you to a meaningful understanding of your own unique dream.

Opening to the Divine Mystery Within

Audio by Christina Donnell

This is a beautiful 15-minute meditation for dreaming awake into the unitive experience/unity consciousness.

My Heart My Mother

Music by Kai Altair

This song is the lead single from Kai Altair's upcoming album, The Looking Stone. The song dances along the edge of the Silk Road, moving at night through a remembered future, and looking achingly back toward a sacred past. We are met with Kai’s love of imaginal language, offering prayers for the journey in a language of the stars.

Unlocking Intuition: Finding Answers in the Power of Guided Imagery

Audio Meditations from Health Journeys, Belleruth Naparstek (Streaming Only)

Enjoy these guided imagery audio programs designed to help you catalyze your psychic potential. Stream them for FREE until November 13, 2019.

You’ll receive ALL of these bonuses PLUS unlimited access to every summit session — recordings and transcripts — empowering you with essential insights for turning to your dreams and imagination for guidance and inspiration.

Package Value: $500

Now Only $247 

Discover Your Inner Guidance

The Dreamwork Wisdom Collection will benefit anyone who is interested in unlocking the power of the dreamworld and developing a relationship with your own deep, inner knowing — available to you every night while you sleep!

By learning how to decipher the symbols, images, dreamscapes, characters, and feelings that arise in your dreams, you’ll tap into guidance and healing that can have dramatic, positive effects on your happiness, your health and wellbeing, your relationships, your work in the world, AND your capacity to live your fullest, most creative life.

Here’s some of what our brilliant speakers are sharing...

Robert Moss shares how dream visitations by the deceased, and dream visits to the realms where they are very much alive, are a primary source of the age-old human belief that consciousness survives the death of the body.

Jean Shinoda-Bolen highlights how valuable the symbolic and metaphoric language of the dreaming psyche is in helping us evolve on the path of individuation.

Sandra Ingerman provides a glimpse into the ancient universal practice of shamanism, illuminating that we are all dreamers who have the potential to transform our lives and our outer world.

Lynne McTaggart explains how the simple use of focused intention by a small group can help heal others, your life, and the world... and offers tips for practicing this fascinating process to influence positive changes in your life and the lives of others.

Grace Cheptu sheds light on Archetypal Dreamwork and its ability to help you connect with your inner mystic and the collective unconscious... so you can celebrate your gifts, face your foibles and blind spots without judgment, and step into your passion-filled life.

Grandmother Flordemayo explores the collective dreams we may have within spiritual communities or families or with people across the country or globe... and shows how precognitive dreams can help you ease into the future.

Toko-pa Turner explores the ways your dreams can unveil the “alienated self,” and help you come back into relationship with this outcast self to create a sense of true belonging in your life and our world.

Christina Donnell enlightens you on Transcendent Dreaming, a kind of lucid dreaming in which you experience a radical shift from identification with the individual self to identification with your true, limitless nature.

Tina Stromsted introduces DreamDancing® and the many benefits of this integrative, somatic approach to dream interpretation for psychotherapists, spiritual and healing practitioners, clients, students, artists, social activists, and the curious dreamer.

Andrew Holecek dives into the world of nocturnal meditation and the remarkable opportunities that await you every night through lucid dreaming, dream yoga, and sleep yoga.


You may be intrigued by the world of nocturnal meditation, lucid dreaming, and dream yoga to accelerate psychological and spiritual growth...

You may be seeking to find peace with the demons in your nightmares, and overcome the personal obstacles they represent...

You may be longing to see your departed loved ones again to find forgiveness, healing, and closure — and want to know how you can experience this in your dreams...

Or you may be longing to meet your true guardian angel — your spiritual gatekeeper who can serve as your protector in the dream realm and in your waking life...

Whatever your deepest curiosity, you’ll discover powerful resources that will inspire, educate, and empower you.

Our experts show you how to work with your dreams to successfully shift patterns that no longer serve you, rewrite negative stories you tell yourself, and activate the whole, empowered warrior within.

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With this invaluable resource you can turn to time and again, you’ll discover:

  • How important, easy, and fun it is to keep a dream journal, and the amazing healing & life-fulfilling insights this simple practice can bring
  • That clues about a yet-to-be discovered health challenge can show up in dreams... and ways to work with them to help yourself heal
  • Somatic approaches to dreamwork that look to the body and our feelings for interpretation, healing & transformation
  • Dream yoga, a form of lucid dreaming that allows you to practice a skill you’d like to improve while sleeping
  • How you can courageously face and work with nightmares, which can actually be in service to your healing & growth
  • Possibilities for healing & forgiveness when you’re visited by deceased loved ones in your dreams
  • The power of your intentions to call in particular dreams and manifest healing within yourself & in our world
  • How the ancient practice of shamanism views dreams, and ways you can experience shamanic dreaming
  • Dreams as inspiration for bringing your creative self forward
  • Ways that dreams can show you the future to help you better navigate your life
  • The potency inherent in symbols and images and how they can help you discover new insights about yourself to heal & transform
  • Collective dreams and how they can help validate our connection to ALL & promote profound healing
  • The magic and power in accessing and illuminating your mythic imagination 

When you own The Dreamwork Wisdom Collection, you’ll discover a living bridge for your soul-aligned desires to manifest in your life — so you can become the most authentic, evolved, and fulfilled version of yourself.

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

The Dreamwork Wisdom Collection

The Dreamwork Wisdom Collection includes lifetime access to all recordings and transcripts of every session from The Dreamwork Summit series.

Downloadable MP3 Recordings: You’ll get online access to the downloadable MP3s from every one of The Dreamwork Summit series sessions. You can download the recordings to your computer or listen on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

PDF Transcripts: You’ll have access to word-for-word transcripts from each session. You’ll be able to follow written instructions, take notes, and even search for specific words, references, resources, and more.

PLUS Your BONUS PACKAGE! You’ll receive 8 amazing gifts from some of our esteemed summit speakers and dreamwork experts — including Robert Moss’ COMPLETE Shift Network 7-session course, Dreaming Into The Dreamtime! ($350+ Value!)

Package Value: $500

Now Only $247 


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