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Angels of Mercy: Healing with dreams and the imagination

With Wanda Burch
Hosted by Susan Audrey

Join Wanda Burch, historian, writer, and workshop leader, as she shares that she is alive because of her vivid dreams about a diagnosis... and her use of the imagery in those dreams. She'll reveal that she's witnessed people’s lives heal and transform in the presence of their dreaming, because they envisioned in their dreams a journey more suited to their life purpose. From the soldier on the battlefield whose angel of mercy is the night dream, to a dreamer in crisis seeking access to the endless toolbox of dream resources, we can all make dreaming and healing an inseparable part of our life journey.

During this astonishing session, you'll discover:

  • That we have the ability to dream diagnostically for our bodies, and that we have the ability to generate personal imagery for our healing & the healing of others
  • How the gifts of the imagination are still the angels of mercy that may be the key to returning today’s soldier safely home
  • Ways to envision envision broader more expansive dreams for the health of our world once we perfect dreaming the health of our lives
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Wanda Burch

Historian, Writer, Workshop leader

Wanda Burch (hamlet of Glen, Montgomery County, NY) [MA, SUNY Oneonta, Cooperstown Graduate Program] is a historian and writer whose published works include: She Who Dreams. A Journey into Healing through Dreamwork (New World Library, 2003); The Home Voices Speak Louder than the Drums: Dreams and the Imagination in Civil War Letters and Memoirs [McFarland Publishers, summer 2017]; and Dreaming of Home, an 8-page liner-note booklet showcasing dreams of soldiers in the American Civil War, which accompanies a music CD by the 77th NY Regimental Balladeers, “Come Dearest the Daylight is Gone” (2015).

Articles include New York History Sir William Johnson’s Cabinet of Curiosities, July 1990; A Little World Formed at His Hand, 2009, Dublin Seminars Medicine and Healing in the 18th Century, Sir William Johnson & 18th Century Medicine in the NY Colony, 1990; contributor to Celebrating Johnstown: A Community Looks Back on 250 Years, edited by Bill Ackerbauer; and articles on dreams and imagery in various women’s and self-help magazines, including twelve articles for the 2017 edition of  Sibyl Magazine: For the Spirit and Soul of Woman.

She is an advocate research grant proposal peer reviewer for the Breast Cancer Research Program sponsored by the Department of Defense; and is a staff member for Creative Healing Connections’ Adirondack arts retreats for women surviving chronic illness and for women who have served in the military. Wanda Burch and singer/songwriter John Kenosian, offered programs on Healing the Spirit Through Dreams and Music, 2015-2017 and received the 2017 Saratoga Individual Artist grant for an acclaimed program: The Home Voices, Words and Music, original songs based on letters and memoirs of Civil War soldiers.





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