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The Nightmare Challenge: The dark side of dreams as a warrior’s call to action

With Stase Michaels
Hosted by Susan Audrey

 Join dream expert Stase Michaels, as she explains that, while a nightmare is a traumatic experience of the inner self, it's also a hidden source of desired transformation. The spirit yearns for love. Like the fairytale hero who must slay a formidable dragon, a nightmare invites a dreamer to overcome fears and challenges. When obstacles highlighted in scary dreams are confronted and vanquished, a nightmare yields a precious jewel of transformation that opens the doors of love and light!

During this inspiring session, you'll discover:

  • The underlying dynamics behind a nightmare & the 3 challenges nightmares issue to the dreamer
  • How to spot hints a dream holds to resolve life issues & problems
  • Techniques for unraveling nightmares about death and dying & how to distinguish between nightmares that are symbolic & those that hold actual warnings
  • Why the nightmares of trauma victims are different... & how to cope with scenes that replay a terrifying event
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Stase Michaels

Dream Expert


Stase Michaels has three degrees in psychology: a B.Sc. from McGill U, an M.A. from the College of William and Mary in research psychology, and an M.A. in Transpersonal Studies from Atlantic U, the educational affiliate of the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Michaels completed three theses on sleep and traumatic nightmares.

Michaels is the author of four dream books including “A Little Bit of Dreams” (2015) which offers specific and overall insights about dream analysis. Her new book, Nightmares – The Dark Side of Dreams and Dreaming (Sept 2018) challenges pre-conceptions about scary dreams and suggests a signature, out-of-the-box roadmap to navigate through dreams that frighten. 

Michaels' website – – offers interpretations, dream info, and a library of analyzed dreams. She taught dreams in college, seminars in the U.S and Canada, and advocates that dream analysis is offered as a tool for self understanding in high school and college. Versed in metaphysics, Michaels views dreams as a connection to the soul and beyond. And – as a new frontier of the mind – Michaels points to dreams as an unexplored, potent source of problem-solving available to medical researchers, scientists, and inventors. A citizen of both Canada and the U. S, Michaels lived in Virginia and currently resides in Toronto.