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Dreams and the Embrace of Life

With Anne Scott
Hosted by Susan Audrey

Join Anne Scott, writer, facilitator of women's circles, and founder of the DreamWeather Foundation, as she uncovers how dreams help us connect to a deeper dimension of life, allowing us change and transformation when our logical mind sees no other opportunity. This can be applied to anything in life. We learn how to come back to our self, listen to an innate inner knowing, and allow transitions in a way that aligns with our real needs. Dreamwork is vital to help us nourish the heart of life.

During this heart-opening session, you'll discover:

  • That dreams are a living language that teach you how to see or bring light into the life that is given to you
  • How dreamwork can help you develop a refined capacity for listening from the heart within, to nourish & heal
  • An understanding that because the personal is so deeply interconnected to the whole, your personal dreamwork is ultimately in service to all of life
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Anne Scott

Founder of DreamWeather Foundation, Writer, Facilitator of Women's Circles

Anne Scott, founding director of DreamWeather Foundation, brings an understanding of women and the feminine principle drawn from the experiences of her life, and from her 23 years of developing and leading workshops and retreats for women in the United States and other countries.

Her work at DreamWeather focuses on guiding women to restore and uncover their innate wisdom and capacity to help life at this time of great crisis and transition. She is dedicated to seeding circles and cultivating awareness for those working in shelters, and wherever else there is need for support and reconnection. Anne has worked with women in a daytime homeless shelter for the last seven years, and is now mentoring other women who are working to bring this work to their own communities and lives.  

Anne writes books and articles about women's natural wisdom and sacred qualities, and how their relationshp to themselves is linked to the web of life through an inner attitude of service. Her recent book, Finding Home, is being used as guidance for those interested in creating groups for women in homelessness and transition, as well as for those working with the feminine and social change. Anne's prior book, Women, Wisdom & Dreams, has touched women's lives around the world.

Anne has been a speaker at numerous global conferences for women, including the Global Peace Initiative of Women at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Foundational to her work, Anne has trained in dreamwork in a Sufi tradition since 1991. She lives with her family in Northern California.