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Awakening to the Dreamlike Nature of Reality

Broadcast on October 15, 2020
Hosted by Kimberly R. Mascaro, PhD
With Paul Levy

We aren't just dreaming during our night's sleep - we are unconsciously dreaming in, as and through events in our waking life all the time. Just like we can become lucid in our dreams at night, we can recognize and awaken to the dreamlike nature of our waking reality. Paul Levy shares how when we realize this, we can connect with other people who are also waking up to the dreamlike nature of reality, put our lucidity together and "dream ourselves awake."

In This Session:

  • Recognize the dreamlike nature of reality
  • Recognize that our universe is a living oracle, that just like a dream, is speaking symbolically
  • Will help them to more connect with, and learn how to interpret, their dreams at night
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Paul Levy

Founder of the Awakening in the Dream Community in Portland, Oregon

A creative artist, author, and wounded healer, Paul Levy is the founder of the Awakening in the Dream community in Portland, Oregon. Deeply steeped in the work of Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung, Paul is a longtime Tibetan Buddhist practitioner, having intimately studied with some of the greatest spiritual masters of Tibet and Burma for over 35 years. He was the coordinator of the Portland Padmasambhava Buddhist Center for over 20 years.

In 1981, catalyzed by an intense psychological trauma, Paul had a life-changing spiritual awakening in which he began to recognize the dreamlike nature of reality. During the first year of his spiritual emergence, Paul was hospitalized a number of times and was told he was having a severe psychotic break from reality, and was (mis)diagnosed as having manic-depressive (now called bipolar) disorder. He has since become a pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence. Paul is in private practice, helping others who are also awakening to the dreamlike nature of reality.

Paul is the author of The Quantum Revelation: A Radical Synthesis of Science and Spirituality... Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil... and Awakened by Darkness: When Evil Becomes Your Father. His upcoming book is titled Wetiko: Healing The Mind-Virus that Plagues Our World. He has published numerous articles on healing, dreaming, and awakening all over the world.

Paul Levy